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Client Mod Installation

Installing Client Modlauncher

There are a few ways you can download mods for Wurm Unlimited. On Genesis we have created a video tutorial that can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUaR2P1oJPw

You can download the Client Mod Loader here: https://github.com/ago1024/WurmClientModLauncher/releases/latest/

There are plenty of mods available on the Wurm Online forums. A list can be located here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/161565-complete-mod-list-update-13-oct-2019/

Allowed Client Mods

We allow all Client mods to be used so long as they do not automate tasks. This means that you can disable tree collision, toggle environment, etc.

Feel free to install any client mod you wish from the various repositories on Github. Our installer only includes the recommended mods for our server.

Disallowed Client Mods

ClientHelper/WurmBot are disallowed on Genesis as they automate tasks. We also do not allow third-party programs like AutoHotKey (AHK), AutoIT, or RSClient to be used.

We do ban players for automation without warning.

If you set up macros on your mouse or keyboard and are actively at the screen and are detected as a possible botter, we will PM you to ensure you are actively playing and have no issue with that.

Priesthood Overview

How can I become a Priest?

Priesthood begins at 20 Faith. The white and black altars are located on the Genesis server on the Genesis starter deed.

Once you reach 10 faith you can become a priest at the altars, prior to that you must pray until you reach 10 faith.

Faith Cooldowns

There are no faith gain cooldowns on Genesis meaning you can pray at any time and gain faith. The faith gains scale off the 300 faith cap rather than the 100 faith so you spend less time to reach 300 faith.

Favor, Channeling, and Spell Power

Favor regeneration is modified to align with the 300 faith cap so you are not waiting longer for favor to build up, but also not filling up faster than average speeds.

Spell Power is affected by the normal values: Alignment, Channeling Skill, Faith, Altar Faith Bonus, Deed Faith Bonus

It is also affected by the following: Affinities in Channeling Skill, Statuette QL, Statuette rarity.

The maximum spell power on Genesis is 200. Spell power decay is set to vanilla standards and is based on a per-usage long-term decay time.

Treasure Hunting

How do I obtain treasure maps?

Currently, you can obtain treasure maps through the following actions:

  • Mining
  • Digging
  • Woodcutting
  • Fishing
  • Foraging
  • Fighting

Each of these methods have a different chance to spawn treasure maps based on their difficulty and the nature of how quickly the action can be performed.

How do I read a treasure map and dig it up?

You can read the treasure map without any damage being done to the treasure map by activating your compass and right-clicking the map and choosing Read Map. It will tell you in tiles how far you are away from the map. Rare or better compasses have additional features.

To dig up the treasure map, do not dig the dirt, but activate your shovel or pickaxe (if on a rock tile), right-click the map and choose Dig up Treasure.

How do I get the items from the treasure chest?

All treasure chests spawn specific creatures that ambush you. They must all be defeated or you will not be able to open the treasure chest. Be sure to pay attention to your event log when digging up a treasure map, it will tell you what creatures spawned so you will be able to keep track of what is nearby that you need to kill.

What loot do I get from a treasure chest?

Treasure chests contain coins and source in every map. The amount of coins and source depends on the Quality Level of the map. Additionally you can receive beneficial items depending on the Quality Level of the map, but they are not guaranteed. Treasure chests are random, so you may receive a few items in one chest, while only receiving one item in another chest.

Coins and Currency

Voting Rewards

You can earn 1 silver and 250 karma by voting each day through our Vote Link here: Vote for Genesis now!

Once you have voted, type /vote in-game to collect your reward. You must do this daily as the rewards do not stack over multiple days.


You can earn money from slaying creatures. The stronger the creature, the more coin you will receive. Conditions on the creature also increase the amount of coins: i.e Champions, Greenish, Raging, Alert, etc. will give more coins than their normal counterparts.

Treasure Maps

Aside from items, Treasure Maps are a great source of income and provide a scaling amount of coins per QL of the Treasure Map. See the Treasure Hunting section for more information on how Treasure Maps work.

Custom Creatures

What are the custom creatures on Genesis?

Genesis has the following custom creatures:

  • Large Boars
  • Worgs
  • Forest Spiders
  • Fire Crabs
  • Chargers
  • Spirit Trolls
  • Wyverns
  • Avengers
  • Giants
  • Reapers
  • Spirit Drakes
  • Titans

Why can I not see Chargers, Avengers, or Spirit Trolls?

Due to a poor release by Code Club of Wurm Unlimited 1.9, some graphics cards cannot render spirit creatures that are not normally spirit creatures. There is a quick and easy fix for this:

  1. Exit the game
  2. Click the cogwheel on the Launcher to change your settings
  3. Click on the Comparability Tab
  4. Change FBO from Core to Extension

That should solve the issue of being able to see these creatures and is highly recommended while playing on Genesis. If that option does not work for you, change FBO back to core and change VBO to extension, but it does provide a performance hit from user feedback.

What are Titans?

Titans are legendary creatures stronger than Dragons or other uniques. These custom creatures usually require 10-20 people to take down. They have the ability to cast single target and area of effect spells, and also can summon additional creatures to aid them. Do not attempt to take one out on your own. If you locate one, it is best to submit a support ticket to have it moved to a safe location.

Current titans are the following:

  • Ifrit – A twisted version of Magranon with lava spiders and fiends, very dangerous due to damage over time spells
  • Lilith – An even darker version of Libilia who summons zombies and wraiths who hit hard and fast while being able to devastate enemies with area of effect attacks
  • Shiva – The newest titan, a version of Vynora corrupted who brings fire crabs and huge sharks while freezing enemies with ice abilities

There are more titans in the work, and we do have a special holiday themed titan around Christmas time.

More Information Coming Soon