Home Rules

Server Rules

  • No trolling, harassing, griefing or use of racial or homophobic slurs will be tolerated.
  • Be respectful towards other players on the server
  • Do not advertise other servers in game or on Discord.
  • Players are allowed 2 deeds per Steam ID.
  • All forms of bots and automaion (ANY and ALL programs, tools or mods that allow you to do actions in game with no user input) are prohibted. This includes: auto-clickers, holding down keys and walking away from the computer, macros, bots, scripts, etc. Consequences for botting/macroing in any form will result in a permanent Steam ID and IP ban.
  • All client modifications are allowed except for Client Helper which automates tasks.
  • Do not abuse exploits. If you suspect anyone of cheating or exploiting, write a support ticket with details.
  • Do not PM or ping (@) staff in-game or on Discord for support. Utilise CA-help or send in a support ticket in-game by typing /support. Staff will respond. If you have an issue with staff, please escalate your issue to Arch GM level and if you still feel it has not been resolved, escalate it to a Server Owner as a last resort. If you circumvent these steps, your issues will go unresolved.

Deed Limits

  • Maximum deed size is 3721 tiles which is 31x31x31x31. You may use any other configuration up to 3721 tiles. There is a hard cap of 5 spirit templars that you cannot override.
  • Deed mottos, message of the days, and village recruitment posts must follow the same rules and be free of any offensive content.


Deed Disbanding

  • Deeds will be disbanded at 90 days of inactivity. Inactivity is defined as not logging into the server. There will be no warning on Discord.
  • All structures, vehicles and resources will be deleted. Store purchased items will be deleted. Terrain will be converted into a natural state to the best of our abilities.

Event Rules

  • All public events will have one solitary roll per player for all items.
  • To roll, you need to wait for the GM hosting the event to call for rolls, and then type /roll.
  • The highest roll will have first pick of the loot on the event if it is a roll based event, then this will continue down the list until all the loot is gone.
  • In the event of a tie, the person(s) who tied will re-roll for that position in the loot order.