Genesis was created on Feburary 19th, 2019 by Revelation. A PVE server, Genesis has a custom, hand-drawn map with tons of unique content, a great skill progression rate, fast action timers, and an active staff that host events weekly. Our players vary from those who are experienced and new to the game, while our staff have been around Wurm Unlimited for thousands of hours of playtime.

This map is hosted on a dedicated server with backups every four hours ensuring your data will never be lost. Our playerbase is medium-large with more than enough people to provide a true, MMO experience. Here are some of the features Genesis has to offer:

  • Free deeds and no upkeep, ever.
  • Dynamic Skill Rate: 5x – 2x at level 70. See image below.
  • Action Rate is 4x on every action within the game.
  • Mining actions require 31 hits to break rock.
  • Farming growth time is 1 hour between ticks.
  • Characteristics start at 22.0, Skills at 15.0
  • No Priest Restrictions

With our experience in hosting Wurm Unlimited servers for over a two years, Genesis is a great server for those who want a more traditional Wurm experience without accelerating too fast, but getting some of the great perks of Wurm Unlimited. Our staff at Genesis host weekly events to keep the community engaged and we always aim to help everyone out. For more information, please check out our Server Information section.


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