Patch Notes: July 22nd, 2020

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Patch Notes: July 22nd, 2020

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New Mod: Archery– All of our aspiring Legolas and Katniss roleplayers rejoice, archery mod has been installed and we will test out the current damage and speed modifiers to see if this is the right fit for gaining skill and how balanced it is. This will be heavily monitored and may be adjusted if the skill is too overpowered. Be careful while hunting, our mobs do not like being shot at and will move to try to detect where they are being shot from.

Update: Planters

Magic Mushrooms have been fixed following a faulty update and will once again provide 5 karma per QL and .05 favour per QL. Meaning at 100 QL, a magic mushroom will provide 500 karma and 5 favour. These values may be adjusted as time goes on. As the mod is fairly new.

Update: BetterFarm

BetterFarm has been updated to its latest version allowing for interaction with Planters mod. We have tweaked the configuration of what actions you are able to do at what level. The list is as follows for AOE (Area of Effect) farming and planting racks:

Cultivate: 1@30,2@50,3@70
Sow: 1@50,2@70,3@90
Farm: 1@50,2@70,3@90
Harvest: 1@50,2@70,3@90
Harvest and Replant: 1@50,2@70,3@90
Pick Sprouts: 1@50,2@70,3@90
Prune Trees: 1@50,2@70,3@90
Plant Trees: 1@50,2@70,3@90
Planting all planters in a rack: 50
Picking all planters in a rack: 30

That’s all for this update. Thank you for being patient with the extended downtime for this patch as we needed to conduct server maintenance on the actual linux server as well.