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Patch Notes: July 22nd, 2020

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New Mod: Archery– All of our aspiring Legolas and Katniss roleplayers rejoice, archery mod has been installed and we will test out the current damage and speed modifiers to see if this is the right fit for gaining skill and how balanced it is. This will be heavily monitored and may be adjusted if the skill is too overpowered. Be careful while hunting, our mobs do not like being shot at and will move to try to detect where they are being shot from.

Update: Planters

Magic Mushrooms have been fixed following a faulty update and will once again provide 5 karma per QL and .05 favour per QL. Meaning at 100 QL, a magic mushroom will provide 500 karma and 5 favour. These values may be adjusted as time goes on. As the mod is fairly new.

Update: BetterFarm

BetterFarm has been updated to its latest version allowing for interaction with Planters mod. We have tweaked the configuration of what actions you are able to do at what level. The list is as follows for AOE (Area of Effect) farming and planting racks:

Cultivate: 1@30,2@50,3@70
Sow: 1@50,2@70,3@90
Farm: 1@50,2@70,3@90
Harvest: 1@50,2@70,3@90
Harvest and Replant: 1@50,2@70,3@90
Pick Sprouts: 1@50,2@70,3@90
Prune Trees: 1@50,2@70,3@90
Plant Trees: 1@50,2@70,3@90
Planting all planters in a rack: 50
Picking all planters in a rack: 30

That’s all for this update. Thank you for being patient with the extended downtime for this patch as we needed to conduct server maintenance on the actual linux server as well.

Patch Notes: June 22nd, 2020

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  • Live Map – After editing the Live Map code that was three years old, all guard towers will now show on the map regardless of their type.
  • WyvernMods – Affinity bonus foods/drinks have been providing a 30% increased skill gain effect. We feel this has been overpowered and it will be reduced to the standard 10%. While you will still receive essentially one affinities worth of skill gain, it will no longer be three.

Sleep Powder Credit– As promised we are providing one hour of sleep bonus which has been manually added to each player’s account. You do not need to do anything to receive it, and you will have an additional one hour when you login.

Discord Giveaway – We have a giveaway currently going on in Discord, you can join our Discord server and check the #giveaways channel to enter the giveaway. To enter, all you need to do is click the party hat/confetti emoji under the giveaway message. A winner will be selected at random next week automatically. The prize for this giveaway is a Large Magical Chest.

New Mod: Planters

This is a large enhancement to farming and other harvesting goods that will enable you to create planters designed to work anywhere in Nimthyr or Atres. You create a planter, and you can plant virtually any seed item in it along with some special types that you cannot normally plant. Try it out and see if it is for you. Along with this mod comes the ability to create some decorative baskets, the ability dig stumps, and create magic mushrooms.

Magic Mushrooms on our server will provide 5 karma per QL and .05 favour per QL. Meaning at 100 QL, a magic mushroom will provide 500 karma and 5 favour. These values may be adjusted as time goes on. As the mod is fairly new.

Here are the images of what these planters look like:

Planters can be dyed and support all normal crops.
Magic Mushrooms require stumps which can be dug in order to plant, they also require source salt to make them magical. Unlike crops, these mushrooms can become wilted if not regularly tended and harvested at the appropriate times, albeit at a reduced rate.
Two baskets are decorative only with one emitting particle glowing effects, the other two are considered containers. All baskets can be dyed, with the cloth parts dyeable separately. Get that dyemaker ready to go!

Last But Not Least…

We have a new GM to introduce! Katna has joined the staff team. Her in-game GM account is named Asra and she will be hosting events on Nimthyr with a specific focus on more RP based events beyond just hack and slash. We look forward to her being on the team and can’t wait to see the great work she does as a GM as she has already proven herself invaluable in CA-Help time and time again.

Patch Notes: June 11th, 2020

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  • Bounty on Burn – No longer will you have the annoying need to have the steel and flint located in your inventory. You will now be able to burn bodies provided you have a steel and flint somewhere on your person: i.e backpack, satchel, etc.
  • Hitching Post – Hitching posts are now loadable. These massive objects can be stored in a large cart or wagon provided you can get the Expand enchant necessary. Figures for Expand are a cast power of 145 for a Large Cart to hold one, and an Expand cast power of 28 for a Wagon to hold one.
  • Custom Wagons – Two new wagons have been added into the game: The Canvasless Wagon and the Wagoner Wagon. Both of these models have no canvas over the top and allow you to see a full 360 degrees around your wagon while you are driving around. This will also allow us to provide the framework for more wagons in the future. Images of the two new wagons are found here below:

Drive around without the fear of being unable to see the creatures behind you.

  • Server Creature Changes – Nimthyr has decreased its Aggressive Ratio from 70% down to 40% meaning that as more aggressive monsters are killed, passive creatures will replace them. The overall creature count remains the same. So get those boats ready, if you want fight skill, you’re going to have to venture to Atres!

  • Dyemaker – This new item allows you to create dyes with exact precision. This item requires Masonry to create and you insert dyes of red, blue, and green. You can then choose the exact RGB value you would like to extract from a window prompt. This mod was created by Coldie and the model made by Angie.

Paintings Mod Contest

We will be having a small contest for the new Paintings mod (not currently in the game) where you may submit two pictures to be voted on by the community and those images that have the most votes will be placed into the game. The paintings can be found below:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is portrait-1024x576.jpg
Portrait Style images
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is landscape-1024x576.jpg
Landscape Style Images

The submission form can be found here:

The Roundup – #1

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We’ll try to do these posts in a blog format here and there as news and questions arise for all to see. I like to discuss a lot of the information in Discord, but some people do not utilize discord, so this is another format we can provide the information in. If you aren’t part of our discord server, I HIGHLY recommend you join our discord for the latest and most up to date happenings on Nimthyr! It’s very easy to join discord and you don’t even have to download a program to use it.

How do I price things?
– This is the most common question I’ve seen asked this week by almost everyone who has tried to sell anything. My personal recommendation is to be a goblin. There may be a shortage of coin on the server now, but as people raise their fight skill, vote more frequently, and are paid just for being online, they will have more coins. That 50ql axe you sold today for 50c will raise in price once people have more coins. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to price for the future rather than pricing for maximum sales currently as once your market runs dry, it’s game over.

Should I trade items for other items?
– Wurm is great when it comes to bartering for goods and services, my recommendation is that you come to clear and concise terms on payment before hand, and do not automatically check accept in the trade window. Ensure that you are going to receive what was agreed upon and if the deal is off, then don’t trade with that person in the future and move about your day. Trading goods and services can be a very lucrative practice when handled correctly.

Should I give stuff away for free?
– We have no rule against it but also, WHY? If your village mate needs an item and they are providing something back for you, go for it! If you are just handing out stuff left and right for free to anyone and everyone, I don’t think your economy situation will handle itself well a few months from now when people are trying to sell items. Those are my personal feelings, of course we do not employ any form of trade or selling oversight, it is a free market here on Nimthyr

On to other matters! We have had huge growth in the past week, our record showing 37 members online, a registration base of 115 characters signed up, with 85 unique Steam IDs. That is a pretty big first week! We have also risen to #5 on Wurm-Unlimited.com just behind our sister server Genesis with a total of 119 votes. That is a great start. I thank everyone who has voted for our site, it is a great way to grow the server and if you would like to help promote the server further, here are some ways you can do so:

  1. Vote everyday on our website
  2. Leave a comment on our Wurm Online forum page on how much you enjoy our server: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/175531-nimthyr-server-cluster-2k-maps-5x-1x-skill-gain-5x-actions/
  3. Register an account on Wurm-Unlimited.com and add Nimthyr to your favorites, this helps increase our total score.

All in all, it’s been a great first week and I look forward to meeting all of you in voice chat from time to time and if you have any issues, please submit a support ticket or utilize our discord channels so we can help you as fast as possible. We are very quick with responses to service requests and we want to ensure that your time here is a great one!

Thanks for reading,

Nimthyr Launch

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We began working on Nimthyr officially back on April 7th after the results from our poll came in. In additon to hosting weekly events on Genesis, updating a ton of mods, implementing some bugfixes, and then creating this website and the maps for the Nimthyr cluster, all I can say is, what a month it has been!

We are finally ready to go live, and we are happy to have you here if you have come from Genesis, another server, or are brand new to Wurm Unlimited, this is the place to be in my humble opinion.

Nimthyr aims to be a slower rated end game based cluster with a lot of mods and here at Nimthyr, we develop our own content along with using community content. This differentiates us quite a bit from other servers who just grab all the public mods and throw them on and push a button to hope it works.

Furthermore, we are on a dedicated server with backups hosted on an external drive as well as cloud storage so we aren’t going anywhere which is always a huge concern for any game that has private servers. During our dedicated server time so far, we have had one hard drive failure, and we were back online within 24 hours with very minimal progress lost. Less than 7 hours to be exact.

All technical aspects aside, I, along with our staff, wish to invite you to our server and hope you have a great time with this new community and please feel free to sign up for the website, post comments, join our discord, get involved! Wurm Unlimited allows you to be a hermit or a social butterfly, but let me tell you it is a lot more interesting when you are social.

That wraps it up for my launch post, it’s been an amazing month. More posts to follow up here.

– Revelation