Patch Notes: June 11th, 2020

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Patch Notes: June 11th, 2020

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  • Bounty on Burn – No longer will you have the annoying need to have the steel and flint located in your inventory. You will now be able to burn bodies provided you have a steel and flint somewhere on your person: i.e backpack, satchel, etc.
  • Hitching Post – Hitching posts are now loadable. These massive objects can be stored in a large cart or wagon provided you can get the Expand enchant necessary. Figures for Expand are a cast power of 145 for a Large Cart to hold one, and an Expand cast power of 28 for a Wagon to hold one.
  • Custom Wagons – Two new wagons have been added into the game: The Canvasless Wagon and the Wagoner Wagon. Both of these models have no canvas over the top and allow you to see a full 360 degrees around your wagon while you are driving around. This will also allow us to provide the framework for more wagons in the future. Images of the two new wagons are found here below:

Drive around without the fear of being unable to see the creatures behind you.

  • Server Creature Changes – Nimthyr has decreased its Aggressive Ratio from 70% down to 40% meaning that as more aggressive monsters are killed, passive creatures will replace them. The overall creature count remains the same. So get those boats ready, if you want fight skill, you’re going to have to venture to Atres!

  • Dyemaker – This new item allows you to create dyes with exact precision. This item requires Masonry to create and you insert dyes of red, blue, and green. You can then choose the exact RGB value you would like to extract from a window prompt. This mod was created by Coldie and the model made by Angie.

Paintings Mod Contest

We will be having a small contest for the new Paintings mod (not currently in the game) where you may submit two pictures to be voted on by the community and those images that have the most votes will be placed into the game. The paintings can be found below:

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Portrait Style images
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Landscape Style Images

The submission form can be found here: